Invitaciones Para Baby Shower

The invitaciones para baby shower or the invitations for a baby shower should reach the guests at least 3 to 4 weeks before the baby shower party. Apart from the essential information, the invitaciones para baby shower should also set up the mood to celebrate the first and the cutest cause.

The first step in planning the baby shower is obviously the baby shower invitations. There are various points to keep in mind before sending out the Invitaciones Para Baby Shower. It all depends on how many guests will be invited to the baby shower. If it is the hostesses that will be doing all the preparations for the occasion then it should also be seen that whether the mother will be involved or not. You also have to think that whether you want to go for homemade invitations or for purchased ones? Whether you are going to deliver the invitations personally to the guests or by mail? And then you have to go ahead with planning out the color and the design of the invitations and various other things.

Invitaciones Para Baby Shower

Creative Ideas For Baby Shower Invitations

The basic details that theĀ Invitaciones Para Baby Shower should contain are the day and date of the party, the venue, the name of the hosts, and the name of the baby if you have already decided on one. You can also include other details if you want. It all depends upon your choice in case you want to brief your guests with further details about the baby shower.

Baby Shower Invitations with Cookies

Few people like to send out invitations to their guests that double up with something else. If you are one of those then you can accompany your invitations with a box of cookies. What you can do is bake cookies at home or even buy a packet from the market. Wrap it in a beautiful bag and tie it up with the help of a red ribbon or any other color of your choice. Make sure that you attach your invitation with the ribbon. Another creative idea is to bake a giant cookie on which you have iced all the details of the baby shower. This will turn out to be a nice gift cum invitation for your guests. You can also replace cookies with a box of chocolates if you want to. These creative ideas will definitely leave your guests amazed and happy at the same time.

Baby Shower Invitations with different baby articles

You can also make different baby articles to be a part of your baby shower invitations. For instance, one fun yet lovely idea is to make use of a small baby feeding bottle. If you are having a stars and moon themed baby shower then what you can do is cut out small stars and moon shapes out of colorful attractive papers and fill them in the baby feeding bottle. Now insert a rolled up paper in the midst of all the moon and stars. The rolled up paper should contain all the details of the baby shower invitation. This will be tricky and fun for your guests. No doubt, you will be praised for your noteworthy idea!

Baby Shower Invitations with rubber ducky

Another versatile idea is to use a rubber ducky. The neck of the rubber ducky will serve as a perfect place to hang your baby shower invitation. It will look very cute and adorable. If you are expecting a baby girl and are throwing a fairy shower in honor of your princess then you can add some sheer wings to the rubber ducky and also a flower crown on its head. So, you have a rubber ducky fairy that will be sending out invitations to your guests.

Baby Shower Invitations with baby socks

One vintage baby shower invitation idea is to use baby socks. You can roll in a paper that contains the details of your baby shower and slide it inside tiny baby socks. Send it off to your guests to reveal you baby shower plans. And if you are throwing a princess shower then you can make use of tiny Cinderella glass shoes in which you can put in your baby shower details. This will look like an ethereal baby shower invitation. Similarly, you can make use of other baby items such as rattles, pacifiers, teething rings, baby bibs, balloons, etc.